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Update Your House Description! 

Please help us update our database to ensure responders can quickly locate you if an emergency arises. Often citizens change the color of their house, make additions, or even move and fail to inform 9-1-1 that they have done so. This can cause problems for law enforcement, fire, and EMS who may be (for instance) looking for a blue house only to find the house has been painted white. In an emergency situation, those seconds matter and that's why we need accurate house and building descriptions. Click here to update your house description; we will not share your information with anyone other than those responding to an emergency. 

Business Key Holder Information Needed!
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Ambulance Advisory Committee
The Blount 9-1-1 Board has established an Ambulance Advisory Committee. This committee is responsible for monitoring ambulance responses by the contracted provider in Blount County and providing recommendations to the 9-1-1 board concerning contract compliance. The next meeting is scheduled for February 7th at 5:00 p.m at the Blount 9-1-1. These are the advisory committee members.
Name Organization
Caleb Branch, Chair Blount 9-1-1
Jon Head Blount County Fire and EMS
John Reed Blount County Fire and EMS
Doug Smith Blount County Healthcare Authority
Greg Brown Saint Vincent's Blount
Arthur Willis  9-1-1 Board Appointment
Greg Hamrick 9-1-1 Board Appointment
Susan Blackwood Dispatch Appointment
Larry Armstrong Mayor's Association

 Text-to-911 At Work in our areas:

Text-to-911 has recently been attributed to assisting two citizens in summoning help. Click the link to read the press release concerning this valuable service and how it integrates with emergency communications.